Timna Park – one of the Most Beautiful Parks in the World
Timna Park is outstanding in its variety of scenic, geological and archaeological sites of global significance. Its acacia trees and other arid-land vegetation, its herds of wild ibex looking out at you from the cliff tops, and its evidence of human activity from antiquity to the present all make Timna Park an incomparable visitor magnet. Various activities await you, including pedal boats on the lake, colored sand bottle craft, making "King Solomon's stamps" and much more – fun for kids and grownups alike. You'll also enjoy the delicacies at King Solomon's Khan Restaurant, a souvenir shop and overnight campgrounds.
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The Botanic Gardens of Eilat-
Eilat Botanical Gardens are unique, beautiful, ecological and organic. Seeds from all over the world were planted to create a “Tropical Jungle” in the desert. The garden is built in authentic Biblical style with streams, waterfalls and, the jewel in the crown, a "rain forest” with its fine foggy mist covering visitors and the forest. A visit to the Botanical Gardens is surprising, relaxing, enjoyable and unique. Enjoy pleasant seating areas, surprising trails, amazing view points, a coffee shop, plant nursery and more. Fun for all ages.
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Birding Park Eilat
International Birding and Research Center
The international birding and research center has won many local and global awards for its contribution to science and environmental research. The "out of the box" way of thinking had turned the municipal dump into an ecological tourism site which maintains special activities of research, education and nature conservation. And if that is not enough, the entrance is always free of charge. The best visiting times are during spring and fall, when millions of birds are passing through Eilat on their way from Europe to Africa and back. The best visiting hours are early morning breakfast time, when the birds are most active.
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The Underwater Observatory
One of the first tourism sites in Eilat. An enriching and fascinating observation for the whole family, on marina animals in their natural habitat. In addition to the observatory itself, the compound contains other attractions, such as a shark pool, turtle and stingray pool, the Amazon River hut, the glass bottom boat “Coral 2000”, special activities for children, photo shops and gift shops, coffee shops and more.
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The Dolphin Reef
Like the underwater observatory, the dolphin reef is also one of the first institutions in Eilat which aims for a deep connection with the environment. The Dolphin Reef is located at the southern beach, and provides the crowd with plenty of activities. Swimming and diving with dolphins, hydrotherapy treatments at the “Stalbet Pools” and nature films screenings. More at the Dolphin Reef: special activities for children, an underwater photography center, restaurants and a gift shop. In addition, the Dolphin Reef host live shows and parties and is accessible for the disabled.
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Coral Beach Nature Reserve Eilat
The world's most beautiful coral reef
Coral Beach Nature Reserve Eilat is a reserve that extend along 1,200 meters and under the sea off the coast of Eilat. Coral Beach Nature Reserve Eilat is one of the most beautiful and famous in the world due to the amazing coral reef. Diving in the coral reef you can see the delicate natural habitat where fish live in a variety of beautiful colors shapes and shades, as well as amazing water plants. Coral Beach Nature Reserve Eilat is the only place in Israel where there is a coral reef.
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Snorkeling & Scuba diving
Snorkeling in Coral Beach is one of the best ways to discover the underwater world of Eilat, which is revealed in its full glory just under the surface. If you want to go deeper in the depths of the Red Sea, try the spectacular guided scuba diving tours with one of the many professional diving clubs located along the coast.

Water Sport
Extreme sports enthusiasts will love water sports in Eilat. Dozens of water sports clubs are spread along the southern and northern coasts of Eilat, offering a wide range of activities such as: Jet skies, banana boats, tubing, sup, kayaking and more.
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The Musical Fountain
Located at 'Gan Binyamin Central Park', is the newest, most exciting attraction in Eilat – The Musical Fountain. Enjoy the spectacular audiovisual evening show with hundreds of colorful water jets going up to 30 meters in the air.
Tue, Thu, Fri-Sat (1/4-31/10) 20:30, 21:30 Water Jets 17:00-20:00, Winter (1/11-31/3) 19:30,20:30.

The Camel Ranch
One of the oldest and most popular attractions in the city is The Camel Ranch. Experience the amazing Eilat desert with a variety of activities including donkey carriage tours, camel rides and adrenaline filled ATV tours.
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Ice Park & Mall
The young, refreshing and promising attraction in Eilat. The Ice Park is a shopping and entertainment center covered with a glass domed roof. At the building's center lies an ice rank for skating and performances. In addition to the brand shops, coffee shops, the bars and restaurants, Ice Park & Mall offers many more special attractions, such as the house wares, fashion accessories and home cooking bazaar. Children will be happy to discover both amusement compounds which include bumper cars, a train, video games, an igloo with artificial snow and more.
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עוד בנושא Attractions

Agriculture Tours

Kibbutz Eilot has one of the largest palm groves in Israel, consisting of approximately 14,000 fruit trees! The main species that grows in Kibbutz Eilot is the Madjoul date, which tastes sweet and is famous for its high nutritional values. To complete your experience you can join one of our agriculture tours that lead you […]