A Delicious Place to Visit – Eilot Farmers Market

During the winter season Kibbutz Eilot will host a Farmers Market every Friday. Local farmers from the Arava Valley will display their produce allowing you the prefect opportunity to enjoy fresh and high quality local produce.
Among the market stalls you will find a variety of fruit and vegetables freshly harvested just a day before from fields and orchards in the Arava Valley, Dates from the southern Arava and organic produce from Kibbutz Neot Semadar (olive oil, olives, cheese, wine, jam and more). Indulge in the fine flavors of Yotvata ice cream, refreshing craft beers, honey made from Ein Yahav’s well-known Porat hive, flowers, spices and ornamental potted plants and more.
In addition to the homemade food catering that takes place every Friday at our Capot Tmarim Restaurant, we will offer dishes such as our famous traditional ‘Friday Sandwich’.

Our spacious and pastoral well-kept lawns, adjacent to the Farmers Market, are the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy the unique and pastoral Kibbutz atmosphere.
The Farmers Market project was initiated by Kibbutz Eilot's tourism representatives with the support of the Eilot Economic Company and is one of the WINTER SUN FESTIVAL events held in Eilat.

Every Friday *
Capot Tmarim Restaurant – Kibbutz Eilot
*The Farmers Market will run until 27TH March 2020