Elad Theater

In memory of Major Elad Dan, who fell in the second Lebanon war.
The Elad Theatre is one of the most engaging and creative theatres in the contemporary culture of today here in Israel.
Made up of leading actors and creators, who have left their successful careers in central Israel to come and live with their families in Kibbutz Eilot, with a desire to create innovative and groundbreaking theatre.

Romeo and Juliet – The Last Supper (simultaneous translation into English)
For the first time ever in Israel – A spectacular event of the world famous play!
The Elad Theatre presents an inspiring version of Shakespeare's immortal Romeo and Juliet, and invites you to take part in the Ball, that's all about wine, blood and love.
The audience and performers gather together around tables laden with a feast, 
and as you enjoy the festivities the young couple's story unfolds, whose tragic end we all know.
An evening that awakens all your senses, filled with drama, music, dancing, food and wine.

For tickets & more information: https://elad-theater.smarticket.co.il/en/Romeo_and_Juliet_-_The_Last_Supper